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Come to any TMUG meeting, fill out a form and pay the annual dues of $30. The dues are only $20.00 for Students and Snowbirds. Meetings are currently held every 3th Wednesday of the month at the University Medical Center, 1501 N Campbell, Room 8403. The new users meeting is at 6 PM with the general meeting at 7:00pm. The advanced users meeting is in Dining Room F at 6 PM.

Alternately, you can send the dues directly to our treasuer:

PO Box 43176
Tucson AZ 85733
E-Mail: Treasurer

Simutek is an Apple Authorized Service Provider in Tucson:

Simutek is located at
4702 E. Broadway Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85711
Ph 520-321-9077

We are all beginners in some way with the Macintosh. Don't be afraid to ask any question. The person sitting next to you may be a wealth of knowledge in what you want to know more about. And you maybe a wealth of information for that person. The only stupid question is the one you never ask.